Process claims with full external knowledge of the property.

Arturo’s Claims solution offers retroactive and temporal property insights over a desired time span. Insurance Carriers can understand both the pre-existing and current conditions for highly accurate claims assessments while increasing customer retention and enabling no-contact inspections.




Critical Data for Estimations

Validate every claim by accessing the most accurate property insights from imagery. Gather all of the critical information you need for damage assessment and estimations.

Increase Customer Stickiness

Your policyholders don’t want to wait. Provide your policyholders with the fastest and most accurate claims response to drive customer loyalty.

No-contact Inspections

No need for needless in-person adjustments. Utilize our leading ML models to be a second set of eyes, giving you highly accurate property insights throughout the claims process.

Retrospective and Current Property Insights

Gain access to a new set of “eyes” on the property like never before. Get insights across the lifetime of a property to validate when changes or conditions occurred.


Product Details

The Arturo Claims solution includes:

Access dozens of property characteristics that show retroactive and existing characteristics associated with an existing claim, including:

  • Roof conditions indicators (i.e., preconditions) in addition to general roof condition assessments
  • Identification of other structures new additions, outbuildings, trees that might influence or determine additional severity of the claim loss etc.
  • Identification of other building attributes that present new factors relevant to the claim, such as eave and ridge heights
  • Other specific geometry measurements for actual roof area and pitch to assist with claims estimation
Configurable product allows for easy integration into your current business workflows and existing platform dependencies. With Arturo’s Configurable product you will get:

  • Persona-based APIs
  • Easily ingested into your existing, internal processes
  • No need to change your best practices or workflows
The most up-to-date property insights. Arturo’s technology combines multiple imagery sources and on-demand processing to get you data on-the-fly. Every time you make a Claims call, you get the most up-to-date imagery available


Multi-source imagery to deliver the most current and complete imagery data available in the market. Arturo utilizes satellite, aerial, stratospheric balloons and ground level imagery coverage every time you make a Claims call.


Learn more about our technology:

American Family utilizes Arturo data throughout multiple parts of their business to improve underwriting performance, identify risk within their book by identifying changes, and predicting the right resources necessary to respond to claim events.

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