Point of Quote

Delivers pre-fill data for an optimal customer experience.

Arturo’s point of quote solution offers highly accurate property characteristics to streamline the quoting process. We enable lightning fast pre-fill for an improved customer experience and a streamlined quote process





Accurate and Instant Pre-fill Data

Take the guess work out of the hands of your policyholders. Get access to the most accurate and current property analytics on the market.

Improved Customer Experience

Provide quotes your policyholders can trust. Offer the right price the first time.

Streamlined Quoting Process

Get accurate, fast property information to deliver the best quote.

Increase Customer Conversion

High abandon rates mean even higher customer acquisition costs. Improve your conversion rates with the right data.


Product Details

The Arturo Point of Quote solution includes:

Access dozens of property characteristics that assist with PoQ, ranging from:

  • Roof Area, Type, Material and Condition
  • Presence of Swimming Pools, Outbuildings
  • Number of Stories, Solar Panels, and much more

Each company has different point of quote requirements and at Arturo we can match all of them.

Configurable product allows for easy integration into your current business workflows and existing platform dependencies. With Arturo’s Configurable product you will get:

  • Persona-based APIs
  • Easily ingested into your existing, internal processes
  • No need to change your best practices or workflows
The most up-to-date property insights. Arturo’s technology combines multiple imagery sources and on-demand processing to get you data on-the-fly. Every time you make a PoQ call, you get the most up-to-date imagery available
Multi-source imagery to deliver the most current and complete imagery data available in the market. Arturo utilizes satellite, aerial, stratospheric balloons and ground level imagery coverage every time you make a PoQ call.

Our partnership with Arturo allows our underwriting team to further evaluate specific properties and make real-time decisions. Openly leverages Arturo’s Point of Quote product across multiple algorithms in our quoting portal utilizing their reliable and extremely detailed roof and property data. Their use of aerial imagery provides a more robust view of property risk than other larger scale data providers who focus solely on records data.

Matt Wielbut

Chief Technology Officer

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