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Growing from Start-up to Scale-up: The Best Ways You Can Support Your Employees

As companies grow from start-ups to scale-ups, a wave of change is felt throughout the organization. At this transitional point, you most likely have aggressive revenue targets. This means you’re working diligently to acquire more leads, close more deals, evolve your product, and offer a great experience for your new clients. Growing your team, beyond the start-up founders and early...
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If data is the new oil, these companies are the new Baker Hughes

Arturo CEO, John Isaac “jC” Clark, is interviewed by Fortune to discuss data labeling for machine learning. In the article he says that large, well-labeled data sets are especially important for training A.I. software to correctly identify “edge cases”—unusual or rare situations. Read the article to learn more.
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Space Tech Map 2020: Emerging VC backed leaders

During the past year Seraphim Capital identified more than 1,200 investment opportunities and have used our Seraphim Space Index to track the 170 SpaceTech companies that have raised venture funding last year.Arturo is featured in this year's list. Read the full article.
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Built In Chicago’s 50 Startups to Watch in 2020

Each year BuiltIn announces a list of 50 start-up companies to watch. This year they found 50 such companies — all less than three years old — that are poised for growth in the coming year. Arturo is honored to have made the list. Read the full article.
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