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How Arturo is Changing the P&C Insurance Industry: Thoughts from Arturo’s CEO

Since 2018, Arturo has built a reputation of being the leading AI property analytics company that is changing the game for Property & Casualty insurance companies. How have we become leaders in this space? “We want to be the best at what we can be better than anyone else at.” This mantra is our guiding principle, shaping our past and our view towards the future.  Arturo’s technology...
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Growing from Start-up to Scale-up: The Best Ways You Can Support Your Employees

As companies grow from start-ups to scale-ups, a wave of change is felt throughout the organization. At this transitional point, you most likely have aggressive revenue targets. This means you’re working diligently to acquire more leads, close more deals, evolve your product, and offer a great experience for your new clients. Growing your team, beyond the start-up founders and early...
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How Partnerships Drive Innovation

Insurance carriers recognize the importance of imagery as a crucial input to meet their data requirements. However, determining the best imagery to use and how to integrate it into their systems and internal workflows can be very challenging. Insurance companies typically operate using annual or quarterly imagery, which can limit the understanding of risk due to changes at the property after...
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[WHITEPAPER] How to Evaluate Imagery Providers

Over the last 5-10 years, imagery has emerged as a new data input among insurance carriers. Imagery sources from aerial, satellites, stratospheric balloons, drones, and other sources of geospatial imagery have just recently become commonplace across the property ecosystem and provide more information than ever before. While the availability of new data input provides insurance carriers the...
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How COVID Has Rocked the Workplace And What You Can Do About It

When the COVID pandemic first hit the United States, many companies had to quickly adjust to full-time remote workplace environments. Leadership and People teams scrambled to figure out the best way to enable productivity, motivate employees, and boost morale during uncertain times. Some of these efforts included setting up premium Zoom accounts for everyone, shipping out large monitors to...
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