At Arturo, we strive to offer P&C Insurance Carriers the most progressive technology that advances the insurance industry forward. We do this by constantly seeking additional imagery sources, strategic partnerships and building cutting-edge technology to enhance our process and push the boundaries on what we offer clients.

What makes our technology so progressive? Continue reading this article to learn about Arturo’s key technology differentiators across our data, our process, our delivery, and our future. 

Arturo’s Data

Multi-source Imagery

To improve decision making across quotes, claims, and underwriting, Insurance Carriers need the most up-to-date property data. To attain the most accurate property data analytics, utilizing multi-source imagery across all categories of sources is the best option. That is exactly why we have worked so diligently to support multiple image providers. Arturo utilizes multiple sources across aerial, satellite, stratospheric balloons, drones, and ground level. This allows us to deliver the most up-to-date, complete, and comprehensive property coverage across the insurance industry. You can learn more about our strategic partners here

Historical Claims and Inspections 

Originating from the insurance industry, Arturo’s unparalleled access to claims and inspection history, across a variety of Insurance Carriers, sets us apart. Arturo offers higher-level predictive models that can only be generated from carrier-specific internal data, giving insurers critical property analytics that can’t be found anywhere else. 

Temporal Resolution

Temporal Resolution is a geospatial term that expresses how often a particular area’s imagery is re-captured and reprocessed. The higher the refresh rate, the more up-to-date the imagery. Arturo is the only provider to deliver temporal property insights when Insurance Carriers need them most, even in areas where getting imagery can vary by season. You can learn more about the importance of temporal resolution by reading this whitepaper

Confidence Scores

Oftentimes the data that’s delivered to Insurance Carriers from data aggregators is inaccurate or incomplete. Arturo provides Confidence Scores, per property attribute, so you know you can trust the data. We pride ourselves in making an effort to incorporate critical ground truth data from Insurance Carriers to significantly improve the accuracy, precision, and recall of our models.

Arturo’s Process

On-demand Property Analytics

There’s no preprocessing here at Arturo. Our technology enables Insurance Carriers to meet internal response SLAs “on-the-fly” without any imagery pre-fetching or preprocessing. Arturo’s on-demand property analytics dramatically reduces costs and improves price while removing the temporal problems of false-positive returns that undermine sound Underwriting decisions.

By harnessing a combination of efficient processing pipelines, Arturo is the only provider to offer on-demand analytics for more than 50 highly accurate property characteristics and predictive indicators.

Feedback Loops

Getting feedback from Insurance Carriers is a top priority at Arturo. We ensure that our clients are provided a feedback loop per API interaction via our product deployment. This continuous feedback powers the enhancement of our data models.

Portfolio Book Processing

Arturo’s portfolio processing capabilities are unrivaled with full geographic reach whether your analytical requirements are in-country, regional, or neighborhood-based. Our proven ability to process millions of addresses within days provides significant benefits to Insurance Carriers managing portfolio risks, major peril events, and rating scenario portfolio risks. 

Arturo’s Delivery

Persona-based APIs

No need to change your internal best practices to get the property characteristics you need. Arturo delivers highly configurable APIs so Insurance Carriers get only the characteristics you want in under five seconds (for the average residential property). Our persona-based APIs provide the data you need in industry-standard, multiple formats that are easily ingested into your current business workflows and processes. With Arturo, you can be up and running in days, not weeks.

Arturo’s Future

Driving Innovation

Client-centric innovation is at the heart of everything we do at Arturo. We push ourselves to offer insurers on-demand insights without preprocessing and we developed an unprecedented ability to process millions of property records in 48 hours. Arturo’s willingness and agility to integrate feedback, include additional characteristics and improve our outputs, sets us apart. 

If you’re interested in learning more or want to see our technology in action, click here.