Using artificial intelligence, Arbiter improves accuracy, decreases costs and reduces processing time for insurance carriers


Arbiter solves the perpetual data imagery problem that Insurance Carriers face in the marketplace today with poor resolution, data inaccuracy, data currency and gaps in coverage. Arbiter processes data on-demand and provides critical property insights within seconds.

CHICAGO (May 11, 2021) — Arturo, an AI-powered platform that derives property insights and predictive analytics from high-resolution aerial imagery, unveiled Arbiter, an on-demand, web-based underwriting and claims solution that creates highly efficient and cost-effective workflows for insurance carriers. 

Insurance professionals who use Arbiter will gain access to accurate, on-demand property reports that streamline property underwriting and claims by reducing costs and claims processing time. Policyholders need quick assistance from their providers, especially following natural disasters. By leveraging Arturo’s AI, multi-source imagery, and configurable APIs, Arbiter enables insurers to better assess the damage caused by a specific event, issue disbursements faster and use human resources more strategically to review, process and issue claims.

“Gaining deep insight into a property’s physical performance has always been important, but with catastrophic weather events increasing — last year, the U.S. was hit with a series of record-breaking climate events — the need for this intelligence has become particularly acute,” said John-Isaac “jC” Clark, CEO, Arturo. “When disaster strikes, insurance carriers and homeowners both benefit from having the most accurate and up-to-date property information available. Aerial imagery data collection has proliferated in recent years, and with Arbiter streamlining the collection and analysis of this critical data, we expect more of the insurance industry to  leverage this AI-powered tool to better serve their customers.” 

Using Arturo’s deep learning spatial models, Arbiter automatically extracts dozens of unique property characteristics for insurance professionals by referencing current and historical aerial imagery of residential and commercial properties. Through Arturo’s partnerships  with satellite, stratospheric, aerial and street-level imagery providers, Arbiter uses the most extensive collection of global aerial imagery to provide property insights within seconds, enabling insurers to better understand preconditions and triage catastrophic events.

For more information about Arbiter’s web-based underwriting and claims solution, join Arturo’s free webinar on May 12 at 1:00 p.m. ET. Register here.


About Arturo

Arturo is a deep learning spin-out from American Family Insurance relentlessly committed to delivering highly accurate physical property characteristic data and predictive analysis for residential and commercial properties for use in the Property & Casualty (P&C) Insurance, Reinsurance, Lending, and Securities markets.

Leveraging the latest satellite, aerial, and ground-level imagery, as well as unique proprietary data sources, Arturo’s deep learning models provide differentiated property data unparalleled by any other provider – often in as little as 5 seconds. To learn more about Arturo, Inc., visit: or follow on Twitter @arturo_ai.


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