We are on a mission to empower people by providing clarity around the past, present and future of property. With coverage across the United States and Australia, we gather, synchronize and analyze imagery and other data surrounding properties. By using computer vision models that deliver intelligence at scale, we optimize how carriers operate and protect the assets that policyholders value most. Here’s how we do it. 

You are about to close on your first home at 123 Leaf Road, but before you can do that you have to purchase homeowners insurance. Like most people today, you shop online to compare quotes. 

While many quoting experiences seem the same, one sticks out:

With Intelligent Insurance, you don’t have to provide a lot of information about a house you are yet to be familiar with.

On the back end, your home is being dissected by the pricing and rating model built by Intelligent Insurance. 

Intelligent Insurance has been working with Arturo, and their roof condition model reveals that your new home shows evidence of rusting, which is highly predictive of claims frequency and severity.

Other than roof condition and the unfenced pool, your home looks okay and the model determines the appropriate level of coverage for your property and establishes the preliminary premium should be $1,400.

This quote is delivered to you. However, you are buying a high value home, so it will have to be inspected regardless. 


Intelligent Insurance schedules a time with you to visit the property. During the inspection, Intelligent Insurance is prepared with the information Arturo provided in advance. 

This enables them to reduce the overall time spent on the inspection. Instead of discovering all of the property risk factors at the time of the visit, they can quickly confirm the information they already have and then focus on risks that are more challenging to remotely identify, like the presence of mold or the condition of electrical and plumbing.

Because your home matches up with the quote, no modification is needed, so your policy is bound. 

With Arturo, the number of inspection trips is reduced which means fewer travel hours, less fuel, and a reduced carbon footprint.

You are just one of many in Intelligent Insurance’s portfolio, and risk professionals will need to assess the risks associated with their whole book. 

Because Intelligent Insurance works with Arturo, they are able to analyze vulnerability like the percent of policies in their book that have unfenced pools and tarps. If this percentage is too high for them, they can easily recommend proactive mitigation suggestions to homeowners. 

By comparing these risk levels against their capital they can determine how healthy their book is and how much reinsurance to buy to protect against the increased risk of claims. 

It has been a few months since you became a homeowner, and suddenly, the weather makes a turn for the worse. There’s a storm system coming through the area, with potential for heavy rain, hail, gusty winds, and lightning. 

Intelligent Insurance gets a weather alert about the impending storm, and they’re able to gauge the resting risk of the homes in the area so they’re mobilized if something should happen.

Within hours of the storm, Arturo receives a flood footprint which, when cross-referenced against the number of stories in the house, can help to determine how deep underwater a home is. 

With Arturo, Intelligent Insurance knows before you file a claim that your home is likely experiencing flooding. Additionally, many of your neighbors have filed hail claims for their roofs, but you haven’t.

Intelligent Insurance can use this information to proactively reach out to you and check in.

And by understanding the previous condition of the house, they can quickly triage their active claims and prioritize which people likely need help first. 

This means you get your claim paid out faster. Although this was not an easy time, you are pleased with the speedy service you received in your time of need. 

With Arturo, the number of trips is reduced which means fewer travel hours, less fuel, and a reduced carbon footprint.


It’s been almost one year since you chose Intelligent Insurance as your home insurance provider.

Because Intelligent Insurance is working with Arturo, they were able to cross-reference upcoming renewals against the latest Arturo property intelligence. 

After Intelligent Insurance reaches out, you file a claim. The claims officer starts to investigate the extent of the loss, and because Intelligent Insurance works with Arturo, they can quickly compare your claim to the prior condition of his house. This helps with identifying potential instances of fraud and ensures that payments are only made for legitimate loss. 

Since you have a high value home, Intelligent Insurance prefers to send somebody out regardless, but they are prepared with the information Arturo provided in advance.

This enables them to reduce the time spent on adjusting the claim, which decreases their cycle time.

Since you purchased the home, you received helpful advice that your pool should be fenced, and you had a catastrophic event occur, resulting in hail damage and flooding damage.

But happily, in the intervening time, you added a fence to your home, fixed your flood damage, replaced your roof, and to celebrate one year of homeownership, you bought a new trampoline.

Without asking anything of you, Intelligent Insurance was able to quickly send a renewal offer in advance of your policy expiration with a new price of $1300 to reflect the added risk of the trampoline but also give credit for the brand new roof and fence.

Because of the seamless quote and renewal experiences and great customer service Intelligent Insurance provided during the claims process, you decided to stick with Intelligent Insurance.

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