Part 4 of Accuracy, Efficiency, and Automation: How AI is Improving Workflows in Property Insurance Claims

According to Gartner, the first step in implementing AI-based technologies is partnering with an external AI provider. 

By leaning into each other’s respective strengths, you can focus on specializing in the decisions that make up insurance, while your AI partner can focus on specializing in developing the technology — which derives the intelligence — to help inform those decisions.

Arturo combines AI and machine-learning models across the breadth of imagery to do just that: help carriers decide with intelligence from the property to portfolio level. Our origin as an innovation hub inside of American Family Insurance has given us technical expertise in AI and the marketplace familiarity in insurance to address the day-to-day claims needs. 

Looking to the future, at Arturo we’re always investigating how new sensor technologies can help the insurance industry. As the IoT continues to transform how both commercial and residential properties operate, the data gleaned from new sensors will help a more complete picture of activity and risk. We provide carriers with effective solutions to help make better informed decisions on the ground and with immediacy. 

In particular, we are exploring non-visible light spectrum imagery, like synthetic aperture radar, or SAR, giving you the ability to see through the clouds for near real time analysis of catastrophic events across broad regions. These sensor technologies have the potential to be completely transformative to how we process and triage claims as well as managing a portfolio’s resilience to natural peril. 

With AI laser-focused on claims alone, you can reduce loss ratios. The models help to identify the right risks, capitalize on the best opportunities, reduce unnecessary expenses and even reignite customer loyalty. Even minimal differences can be staggering. 

The world is only getting riskier, and insurance is only getting harder, so it’s time to get smarter. Decide with Intelligence. Decide with Arturo.