Recently, I had the chance to sit down with Rob and Lee at the InsureTech Podcast. It turned out to be three, relatively nerdy-tech guys, talking about data science and applied machine learning. Although we were wearing headsets and using microphones, I quickly forgot the equipment and the three of us fell effortlessly into the conversation.

They wanted to know how Arturo started, what we are up to now and how we are helping insurers understand property characteristics by using tools like Arturo’s Confidence Score. We talked about all the things I expected to discuss and, frankly, some of the things I rarely disclose about myself.

The questions I expected were about Arturo’s spin out from American Family Insurance and one of the most popular question I get, how did we find our name — Arturo (seriously, I get this question a lot!). They asked me about insurance trends I am seeing and they told me about trends they are witnessing. We talked about data scientists (we rely on those experts a lot of at Arturo). We all admitted that we throw around that term “data scientists” and we each had a different take on what it means. How are data scientists applying their trade to our work at Arturo? Simple. They are looking for anomalies, consistencies and inconsistencies provided by our imagery and mapping to tell a story about the property — physical characteristics, along with condition, quality, and risk factors. Insurance companies hate surprises, so we try to minimize surprises about the properties in their portfolios.

When issuing a policy, the insurance company wants to know as much as possible about the property so they can accurately assess the attributes to evaluate the structure and its surrounding area. Arturo data scientists do that for them by building deep learning models. In just a few seconds, we can review a property, layer science into the process (such as artificial intelligence to observe changes in the property over time) which our customers use to better evaluate risk. Our data scientists create models that generate details for each property for our clients.

Something I didn’t expect to discuss with Rob and Lee was my passion for music and my experience composing and performing. They even incorporated a bit of my original music into the show’s intro. I realize that music helped shape me and I continue to use it as a creative outlet whenever I can.

The guys at FNO are easy to talk to and our time together flew by. They routinely interview leaders from insuretech and insurance companies to get unique and intriguing perspectives on how technology is disrupting and transforming the industry. I am very proud of what we do at Arturo and enjoy the opportunity to share our story — in this podcast, I got the chance to do just that.