Arturo is proud to announce that it has been selected as one of the companies on the 2021 AI FinTech 100 list. This award recognizes emerging Artificial Intelligence (AI) companies for bringing new, revolutionary technology to the financial services industry, and Arturo is honored to receive this distinction. With its focus on AI, the start-up company is excited about where these advancements will take it in the future of insurance.

The significance of this award cannot be understated for not only Arturo and its stakeholders but, more importantly, its customers who have trusted in the company to use its InsurTech solutions.

The AI FinTech 100 is designed to celebrate AI companies that are transforming the financial services landscape. Each year, the list of recipients is acknowledged and honored at a special AI Summit hosted by the AI FinTech 100.

Generally, companies that make the AI FinTech 100 list are AI start-ups that have created new AI products or AI solutions to solve a particular problem in financial services.

In the case of Arturo, it is recognized for its AI technology as an insurance solution provider. The company was awarded because it is well ahead in the InsurTech industry and has been consistently focused on achieving the five criteria set out by the AI FinTech 100 panel.

AIFinTech100 does a thorough analysis each year based on the criteria of:

  • Industry significance and problems being solved
  • Growth in terms of capital raised
  • Innovation of AI tech solution offered
  • Potential cost savings and efficiency improvements for clients
  • How important it is for financial institutions to know about the business

These are five areas that Arturo has always taken pride in and that it considers the forefront of its business.

For the last three years, the company has worked to help remove the guesswork from insurance claims through an analytical approach using accurate, detailed property data.

Using AI aerial technology, Arturo has been able to limit onsite visits for clients, provide hyper-accurate quotes and analysis for clients, and allowed clients to enjoy strong, long-lasting relationships with the customers they insure.

The company’s client-centric approach and desire to create a safer, more efficient, AI-driven world of insurance is what truly sets it apart.

The AI FinTech 100 comes as one of the highest accolades awarded to AI companies.

AI is transforming the way insurance works. As part of this award, Arturo is committed to maintaining its client-centric approach and continuing to improve the accuracy and success of the insurance industry.